Monday, November 21, 2011

"Feeding prisoners genetically modified soy products may be 'cruel and unusual' punishment"

Feeding prisoners genetically modified soy products may be 'cruel and unusual' punishment - This is a link to a very interesting article. Eating soy may not be as much of a concern for men's health, but according to a study available at consuming soy may be of concern for women being treated for breast cancer. As many of you have probably read in my prior e-mails and/or posts, soy consumption was a concern for my mother over 20 years ago when her oncologist advised against her consumption of soy products, because she had a type of breast cancer that fed on estrogen and he was concerned that the components of soy that may have similar hormonal activity to estrogen may feed the cancer cells. When she has tried a soy product here and there since, she always notices symptoms from eating the soy, such as itchy sores on her face that would not heal, an ashen gray complexion and severe fatigue. When she stopped eating the food containing soy, the symptoms would improve. Therefore, for this and other reasons, we believe that in addition to the concerns she faced regarding soy when she was a breast cancer patient, that she is also allergic to soy. However, soy is in so many food products that it has become very difficult to avoid. Also, back when she was being treated for breast cancer, the soy products were less likely than they are these days to be genetically modified; this raises a whole separate area of concern for those who are advocates for labeling of genetically modified food and/or food additives in the United States and those who believe that genetic modification of food and food additives is what has caused allergies to foods that are genetically modified to increase.
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